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Who attacked the Russian base in Syria?

Who attacked the Russian base in Syria?
Avraham Shmulevich

The mysterious military operation of an unknown group which destroyed several Russian airplanes is now one of the hot topics of international politics. Analysts came forward with a dozen various options from seeing it as an Iranian provocation to crediting it to Turkey supported paramilitary groups.


Rabbi Avraham Shmulevich, however, offers the different explanation in his interview to the Israeli TV news channel in Russian. First of all, he recommends not to take seriously any Russian official sources, including the Ministry of Defence. As much as communists propaganda presented the world in a way that fits their worldview, in the USSR it was still possible to “read between the lines” knowing the rules and habits of misinformation machine. Nowadays, there no rules and calling Russian official reports fairy-tales would not be correct, because fairy-tales have at least some imaginary grounding in the real world.

Even in reporting about attack Russian official sources came forward with several contradictory stories: In one statement of the Military of Defence, the number of drones was 31, in another 13 (maybe spokesperson is dyslectic). Other separate official report gave the names of two officers killed by explosions on the base but following not less official report hastily renounced deaths as “fake news”.

The only reason Russians did report anything at all is that the accident was visible from satellites and it was impossible to deny it. However the way Russian information agencies report any accident depends on what they consider beneficial for them in this particular moment, which makes the analysts task of deciphering their messages way more difficult than just a cryptological exercise.

According to the information of Avraham Shmulevich who takes data from US, Israeli and Turkish sources, it is most likely that drones used during this operation are short distance models easily available on the market. One of the most simplistic models are golf drones hunting for the lost balls which are available on eBay for 30-40 dollars, but there are myriads of more sophisticated ones for various purposes. Such drones were actively used by the ISIS fighters for reconnaissance. Since it was easily available and inexpensive tool, almost every ISIS fighter had the drone to explore the situation several miles ahead.

The simple, inexpensive drones slightly remodeled for the military needs became popular in Syrian conflict and tons of them were captured by the Syrian army. The range of the most sophisticated drones available on the market is not exceeding 6-8 miles. Since the Russian base is situated deep inside the government controlled territory, this action could have been only the inside job - the fact which is very inconvenient to Russians. So their official source is coming forward with all kind of crazy models of drones to claim that they could have been launched from California.

Фото Russia and Russiagate.
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